Thirsty Guerrilla

Design Methodologies I // Fall 2013

One of the challenges Cincinnati faces is that it is a city divided by neighborhoods. While its residents will travel outside of their local neighborhood, most people have a collection of 2-4 neighborhoods that they feel comfortable in & circulate in. As a group we wanted to address this problem by creating an entity that would entice people into new neighborhoods while celebrating the rich local brewing scene.

Rather than a festival or other one-time event, we wanted to create something that would take on the personality of the neighborhood while still feeling similar enough to its last occurrence that it would make people feel comfortable. We wanted a brand that would speak to Cincinnati’s unique character & growing population of young professionals, create a sense of whimsy & foster a spirit of discovery.

The Thirsty Guerrilla is a theoretical traveling pop-up bar in Cincinnati, Ohio. I (in collaboration with classmates Danielle Bradford, Adam Wicktora, & Paulina Thai) created a brand centered around a hand-lettered logo (drawn by me). The Guerrilla would serve only local, seasonal beers, allowing it to stand out from existing bars, but would only happen one to two weekends per season (fall, winter, spring, summer), each weekend popping up in a new location in a new neighborhood. Our goals were to foster a sense of community, inspire pride in being from Cincinnati & encourage a sense of adventure.

Featured below is the branding & print collateral, to see our video promo (created by Adam Wicktora), click here.